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The actions that FDN carries out in terms of financing the country's major infrastructure projects have been focused on identifying market gaps in order to, design proper mechanisms that allow the participation of different sources

Financial Products

• Senior Debt: long-term bank debt that allows the financial structuring of projects, aligning their cash flows with the debt payment flows. The product takes into account the income, costs and risks specific to each phase of the project.
• Multipurpose Liquidity Facility: additional liquidity source over the project’s life that allows covering cash shortfalls for the payment of Senior Debt, as well as anticipate payments secured by the National Infrastructure Agency, such as additional project costs and toll collection rights.
• Bank Guarantee: bank guarantee payable on first demand, irrevocable and unconditional, offered in order to support the base equity capital contributions from a Sponsor or shareholder of an infrastructure project.
• Funding Line in Pesos: Long-term facility in local currency, intended for international financial institutions (Commercial Banks, Multilateral Entities), in flexible terms and conditions, to be used in the financing of infrastructure projects in the country.
• Partial Guarantee: Guarantee payable on first demand, irrevocable and unconditional, which supports the timely payment of the obligations of a bond issuer, improving its credit profile and making access to new financing sources viable through the capital market 
• Mini-Perm: Medium-term Project Finance credit (between 5 and 8 years) with the aim of covering the project construction period and the start of its operation. Prior to the maturity of the loan, the debt refinancing is sought, which allows the project to optimize its financing cost. Given their shorter term, such structures also make it viable to offer credits in foreign currencies, given a greater ease for the establishment of foreign exchange hedging.