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Structuring and Management

FDN serves one of the great needs of entities of the public sector, which is the structuring and management of infrastructure projects. This aspect has been identified in several diagnosis as one of the main bottlenecks for the development of the sector.

Products and Services:

Comprehensive structuring of public-initiative PPP projects
• We advise and accompany state entities in the design and implementation of projects that are developed through Private Public Partnership (PPP) schemes.
• We manage technical, financial and legal studies directly or through third parties to determine the feasibility of a project.
• Accompaniment in the process of selecting potential investors 
• We have funding vehicles that, with the support of multilateral entities, among others, allow leveraging resources of the beneficiary entity in case of not having sufficient resources or experience to structure projects.
• We carry out comprehensive structuring of projects aimed at engaging private investment in a strategic alliance with IFC of the World Bank.
• FDN has experience in financing projects carried out under PPP schemes, as well as in investment project Management.
• We have the legal and administrative capacity to receive, manage and channel resources from public and private entities, allowing the execution of projects that may require the participation of the public and private sector.
• We make it easy for state entities to focus their efforts on their specific activities, delegating to a specialized third party the technical, administrative, legal and financial management of their investment projects. Sectoral, regulatory and maturation studies of investment projects during the pre-investment cycle, which allow materializing in transactions for the execution of PPP projects. These studies have different approaches:

  •  Prepare sectoral Master Infrastructure Plans to define projects that must be carried out in the medium and long term.
  • Analyze sectoral and regulatory conditions limiting the execution of the investment projects the country requires.
  • Mature projects so that they can be structured. Comprehensive assessment of private-initiative PPP projects

• We advise and accompany state entities in the assessment of private-initiative PPP projects.
• We provide our financial and structuring expertise for the project assessment process. Validation of financial conditions for PPP projects of subnational entities, whether public or private initiative, that require disbursement of public resources.